Experiment #1: Monaural beats @ 528Hz

Last night, my girlfriend, Daria and I spent the night at our friends’ place. After the friends had gone to bed, Daria and I stayed up a while, talking and smoking some weed, and Daria suggested putting on some monaural beats. We didn’t have headphones or any speakers; we had to listen to it on my iphone, which I put against my forehead so the sound would be equal in both ears. I sat on a chair in the kitchen while I was doing this, my elbows propped on my knees and my eyes closed.

I’m going to assume that the quality of sound from my iphone impacted how the tone interacted with my brainwaves. It was a lot sharper than it would have been on headphones or speakers, a lot more treble. Within roughly thirty seconds, I began to see vivid colours forming in dots and waves, like atoms swirling. It was as if a picture was trying to form in my head. I honestly don’t recall what happened after the atoms of colour actually did form a picture - I went into a pretty deep trance-like state very quickly.

I do recall kind of… leaving my body? I recall not feeling any physical form or shape; I recall not being on that chair I was sitting on. I was formless. I had floated up and away from my body, though to nowhere in particular. I just remember a lot of black, as if I was submerged in the deep darkness of the cosmos.

But eventually, I became aware of a man talking on my right. I could not hear him on my left or in my left ear. Only my right ear. He sounded like he was talking on a radio transmitter; it was very sharp and static-ky, as if the radio frequency he was communicating on kept moving in and out of transmission range. I couldn’t quite work out what he was saying, either, though I know for certain that it was some kind of chanting. He had a very deep, very commanding voice, but it kept wavering in and out through static, like white noise. Like a radio station that hadn’t been properly tuned in and was picking up blips from the transmission.

And on my left side, I became aware of a baby crying. At first I thought it was our friends’ cat yowling, but as the noise got clearer, it was definitely a baby crying. Sort of somewhere between grizzling and full-blown crying, as if the baby was hungry or was in need of being comforted. Like the man’s voice, I could not hear the baby on my right or in my right ear. Only in my left.

Eventually, through those noises filling my head, a very vivid image began to form in my mind, of rats and rodents - thousands of them - running in the one direction. Running away from something. Like, fleeing. I don’t know what they were fleeing from and I couldn’t hear them making any noises - the man chanting/ranting in my right ear and the baby crying in my left were very loud and insistent by this point. I recall that I was standing on what seemed to be a dusty road under a bridge, and I could see fields and meadows ahead of me in the distance. That was the direction the rodents were heading - from the road to the fields. They were running as fast as they could from whatever the threat was. They were running over my feet; they filled every square inch of the road and were flattening the grass in the meadow. I wish I knew what they were running away from.

I don’t know what jolted me out of it but without warning, I snapped back to reality and opened my eyes. I think what snapped me back was the realisation that I’d been gone in this trance for a very long time. I wasn’t sure how long - at the very least, over an hour. The sound was still playing, too, though it stopped pretty soon after I snapped out of it. I felt disoriented and confused until my senses returned to the kitchen where we were hanging out.

I found out today, while Daria was talking to one of our friends about my meditating to monaural tones, that I was only meditating for about a little over five minutes - the audio clip itself of the monaural tone was apparently only 5:32 long. I was blown away by the fact that it was only five minutes. It felt like an hour! MORE than hour. It was a really, really deep trance-like meditative state and the hallucinations themselves seemed to go on for hours.

More experiments to come.